Social Leads Review

Social Leads Review


Check out this Social Leads Review to see how you capture more leads for your Online business!


In my Social Leads Review I will be going over this new method collaboration by Andy Firth and Alex Copeland. Social Leads is the type of method that will help you capture leads utilizing social media. ( yes capturing leads!)

The guys who came up with the idea of social leads Andy and Alex are full time affiliate marketers who show other affiliates how to get more leads for their own business.

social leads review

social leads review



This product will be launching June 25th at 11am so make sure you mark that in your calendar.

The last product that Alex launched was a major success so expect social leads to be nothing but better quality this time around.

Social leads is the next generation Saas application for generating email subscribers (leads) using social media! I have never seen anything like this product before!


Social Leads Review

Social Leads Review


Social leads is going to take your affiliate or personal business to the next level. Because lets face it that’s where everyone is, on Social media!

So why not just start collecting email subscribers utilizing this beautiful piece of software.

You will be able to use social leads on Facebook, Google plus, Linked in, YouTube, and Twitter. Plus its fully compliant with all the terms and services, so you wont get shut down!


social leads review

social leads review


Social Leads even integrate with all your favorite AutoResponders, making it the easiest way to collect leads.

So if you are ready to have this powerful that works directly with your social media…. Social Leads is the way to go.

My final Social Leads Review is that I really like how the software generates nice links that wont scare people away.

Andy and Alex have done it again you can promote any type of product using Social Leads!


OTO 1 of Social Leads are Social snips and Social Vids


OTO 2 of Social Leads is a SocialSnips Reseller License

Social leads Video Review









ViddyGenie Review

ViddyGenie Review



The ViddyGenie is a new software that launching tomorrow June 1st. This product will allow you to make short professional videos that will actually rank on Google and other search engines.  ViddyGenie is for people who are looking to step their video game up.


This software has so many different functions and one of the main ones are professional templates. That allow you to just type in what you need and will look as if you paid someone to do it. Get ViddyGenie here!


Another feature that Viddygenie has is the ability to make Facebook covers for your videos, so you can run ads and get a great conversion rate.

Thirdly the Viddygenie software has the ability to share your videos to each social site. That will save you a bunch of time because you wont have to upload videos individually. This will help your videos rank on Google in no time.

Last but not least ViddyGenie has Seo tools which will help you rank on google with no problem. This is probably one of the reason you want to buy this product. Because no on wants to make videos and not see them get any views.


I hope this Viddygenie Review has helped you decide whether or not you should purchase this product.

Grab your ViddyGenie Software here.



Bob Proctor Paradigm Shift Seminar


Bob Proctor Paradigm Shift Seminar


If you want to learn how to shift your Paradigm then I have something for you. On June 29th Bob Proctor will be having the Paradigm Shift Seminar in Los Angeles California.

This Seminar will teach you to change your mental programming so you can finally start living life on your terms. Bob Proctor is the only man in the world that has perfected the art of teaching people how to live the life of their dreams. The Paradigm Shift seminar will also be available through a live stream. So if you can’t make it to California Bob Proctor can be right in your living room.



All you have to do is know what do you want in life… Bob Proctor can take it from there and teach you exactly how to get there. It will be like a bucket of ice being thrown on your head Bob Proctor will teach you so the necessary change can take place in your mind. Go ahead and register for the Paradigm Shift seminar Here

Sandy Gallagher, who is Bob Proctors right hand will also share how you can transform your lifestyle, health, and finances. This Paradigm shift seminar will teach what paradigm shifts are and how to change them effectively without looking back. Our Paradigms guide us in every aspect of our life whether we believe it or not. If you think about it our daily routines are a paradigm, most days you wake up and go about it the same way as the last. But Bob Proctor and Sally will teach you things that you should incorporate into your daily lives if you are serious about changing your paradigm. Which will change the results from what they currently are to something much better. Doesn’t that sound Great?!? Now register Here



At the Paradigm Shift Seminar they will zero in on how to change your paradigm permanently because chances are the paradigm you have now isn’t serving you to your highest capacity in life. Bob Proctor knows what he is talking about because he is living the life of his dreams and he started at the bottom and transformed his lifestyle and you can do that Here at the Paradigm Shift Seminar

I have been studying with Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher for years and they have changed my life significantly. I used to wonder what I wanted in life but they taught me how to make decisions and strive for everything I want and you can too! Click Here to make the decision of your life. I’m not even exaggerating, once you attend a Bob Proctor Paradigm Shift Seminar your life wont be the same. It will change something inside of you, your Paradigm.   Register Now


This is not a Motivational Speaking Event because it is not meant to motivate you but, to educate you and show you that all you have to do is make a decision. Bob Proctor lead you into a New World at the Paradigm Shift Seminar!


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